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In February of 2021, Vision Tactus joint ventures with PopCom and FlatOut of Heels. The Popshop is now serving Texas,  Located in the Stonebriar mall in Frisco, and virtually at you can locate The PopShop & FlatOut of Heels on the second floor adjacent to Starbucks which specializes in designer flats, and ballet flats. 


The PopShop, is the “iPhone of vending machines.” The design is the only one of its kind. It has a sleek and innovative range of new features that are not available on traditional vending machines, including facial recognition, age, gender and emotions. It has exterior cameras to collect data, advertising screens, and cashless payments with plans to accept digital currency in the near future.  Vision Tactus, in conjunction with PopShop and FlatOut of Heels are a United States based companies.  ​​

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